Alsa Forest in Congosto de Valdavia


Located in Congosto de Valdavia (Palencia), this initiative aims to restore the ecological value of the area following the major fire it experienced in 2020, which burned more than 100,000 trees. The reforestation project will cover 56.64 hectares, planting over 53,598 trees, with an estimated absorption of 9,598 tons of CO2 over the full cycle.

Reforestation will be carried out using native species through manual methods, supplemented by the technological support provided by CO2 Revolution. This includes a combination of traditional and cutting-edge methods such as Big Data utilization, “smart seeds,” and drone-assisted planting.

Offset the Carbon Footprint of your trip

By offsetting the carbon footprint of your ticket, you are contributing to Alsa’s reforestation and carbon footprint offset projects in an amount equivalent to the emissions generated by your journey’s complete cycle.

Alsa is working towards carbon footprint compensation in Spain.

  • The use of the bus generates 5.5 fewer Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions than private vehicles.
  • Through its environmental strategy policies, Alsa has reduced its emissions by 21.15% since 2015, with almost 30% of its urban and metropolitan fleet being ECO or ZERO emission. In 2022 alone, these vehicles have prevented nearly 20,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.
  • The company offers its customers the opportunity to contribute to the development of the ALSA Forest to offset the footprint generated by traveling with ALSA. This initiative supports reforestation efforts in areas of high ecological value that have been affected by deforestation.


Geographic situation
Palencia, Castilla y León
Actuation surface
58 Ha.
Year of execution
No information
Number of trees planted
No information
Tipo de certificación
No information
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