100% efficient

Our mass planting method is revolutionary, effective and at low cost.

Official certification

We create new complete, self-sustainable and autochthonous ecosystems, giving special attention to biodiversity, under the MITECO certification.

We are different

We demonstrate that an environmentally friendly world is possible. We do it so by seeking the revival of livelihoods in depopulated rural areas.


CO2 Revolution creates complete and sustainable ecosystems

We guarantee a reforestation not only with trees, but also with flowers, grass and shrubs.

Our model

The CO2 Revolution model is an optimized and efficient process, a disruptive method with a large-scale impact on the environment.

The keys to the model

BIG DATA analysis, the use of drones to plant pre-germinated smart seeds and consequently the ability to reforest hard-to-reach areas are some of the keys to the model.

Latest projects

We work with institutions and companies that desire to reforest an area or offset their carbon footprint.


Bosque Alsa en Congosto de Valdavia


Convenio con Banco Santander: 9.000 toneladas de CO2 compensadas


Colaboración con Enagás. Torres de la Alameda, Madrid


We develop our activity taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About us

Our business project with a clear climate and social justice ambition is based on empathy, humanity and honesty.

billion trees in 10 years

thousand hectares reforested

thousand tons of CO2 absorbed