CO2 Revolution creates sustainable ecosystems

We guarantee reforestation not only with trees, but also with flowers, grasses and shrubs.

Our unique model

At CO2 Revolution we have an integral reforestation model, which combines manual planting techniques with technological procedures. Investment in R&D&I is one of the pillars of this unique model, which guarantees maximum safety and efficiency. Our goal is to generate a large-scale benefit on the environment.

Keys to the model

We supervise reforestation projects from the beginning to the end, starting with the analysis of the land. Then, we carry out the planting tasks, using drones to plant in areas that are difficult to access, achieving cost and time savings. Finally, we monitor the reforestation after planting.

Our last projects

We work with institutions and companies that want to become more sustainable and improve their ESG strategy.


Rointe Forest in Pontevedra


Collaboration with Iberdrola in Cortes de Pallás


Alsa Forest in Congosto de Valdavia


About us

We work to achieve our objectives always taking into account values such as empathy, humanity and honesty.

trees planted in different regions

hectares have been reforested

tons of CO2 absorbed

100% efficient

Our method of mass reforestation is revolutionary, effective and low cost.

Official certificate

We create new ecosystems while respecting diversity and under the official certificate  MITERD.

Making a difference

We prove that an environmentally friendly world is possible.

We ensure the safety of our employees and our projects by defining certain lines of action for reforestation.

Environmental engagement

We develop our activity taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This project has been financed by CDTI NEOTEC.
Financed by the General State Budget
in application of 27.12.467C.74908.