The perfect combination of technology and nature


We develop intelligent seeds to regenerate forests

Our seeding method uses biotechnology applied to the forestry industry. Leveraging data analysis, the use of drones and our own smart seeds (iSeed), we maximize planting efficiency and ensure the effectiveness of our processes.


Innovation through biotechnology

Post-planting and seeding follow up

Official and self-certification


The smart solution for reforestation

Our iSeed is composed of a biodegradable capsule containing components that help retain and absorb rainwater, favoring a higher germination rate and providing natural elements that function as predation deterrents. By means of this technique we are able to act in areas that are difficult to access due to the orographic conditions, achieving the repopulation of large areas.


Discover the role of drones in reforestation

Our drones are equipped with a seed hopper to which a dispenser specifically designed for this type of drone is attached. The seeding process begins with the previous planning of the flight path, which is established according to the terrain where we are going to act. Using this method, we can distribute the seeds strategically along the route, ensuring optimal coverage and maximum time and cost efficiency.

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Restoring aquatic ecosystems

We are leading a project to restore Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows, vital for biodiversity and carbon sequestration in the Mediterranean. This effort not only focuses on restoring these vital underwater areas but also on highlighting their importance for the ecological balance of the planet and climate change mitigation.

Through innovative techniques, including the planting of adapted seedlings, this effort seeks to reverse the degradation of these underwater ecosystems, which are essential to combat climate change and protect our coasts. Join us in this crucial mission to preserve the 'blue lungs' of our planet.

Within our Eco-Disruptive Program we collaborate with the experts of CO2 Revolution, who have applied their extensive knowledge and experience in the innovative project of the repopulation of the Posidonia meadows of the Mediterranean. Participating in all phases of the program together has been a very rewarding experience, and we are confident that we are contributing to improving the health of our planet and creating a better world.

Eva Rosario

Training and Quality Supervisor at Sanitas