Energy Savings in Winter

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is a global event that brings together leaders, scientists, government representatives and various civil society actors to address the challenges of climate change. COP28, upcoming on the calendar, promises to be a significant milestone in the global agenda towards sustainability. In this article, we will explore what COP28 is all about, what is expected during the 2023 Climate Summit, and how its focus on sustainability could impact businesses around the world.

The arrival of winter and Christmas not only brings with it a magical atmosphere, but also reveals the effects of climate change. Extreme winters, altered weather patterns and decreased snow density are palpable evidence of this reality. It is crucial to understand that energy savings in winter play a fundamental role in reducing these consequences. These tips will allow you to enjoy the holidays while saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Estos consejos te permitirán disfrutar de las festividades mientras ahorras energía y reduces tu huella de carbono.

According to the Association of Energy Consumers (ANAE), electricity consumption in Spanish homes increases by 28% at Christmas. Opt for energy-efficient LED lights to decorate your home during the Christmas festivities. These lights are more energy efficient and long lasting, consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional lights.

Heating is responsible for 63% of energy consumption. Heating is responsible for 63% of energy consumption. At night, close them to keep heat inside your home. Adjust the temperature in each room since each space requires adequate heat. These measures can have a potential savings of 10-20%.

During Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch, make the most of the residual heat in the oven. Cook several dishes at once and avoid opening the oven door unnecessarily to conserve heat. We recommend you practice batch cooking during the weekend and prepare your menu for the rest of the week. The price of energy is 95% lower during off-peak hours.

Do you leave the tree lights or Christmas decorations on at night? A timer that regulates the on and off of the lights, an electricity consumption meter to know how much each appliance uses or a motion detection device that turns off the light and electronic devices when we leave a room are an alternative to avoid consumption. phantom energy, which can reach up to 10%.

By following these tips you will be able to save energy during Christmas. But why not apply it during the rest of the year? At CO2Revolution, we defend those sustainable practices that help mitigate climate change. Our reforestation initiative not only counteracts CO2 emissions, but also promotes a more sustainable approach to the use of natural resources. By combining tradition, energy savings and sustainability this winter we can reduce our environmental impact. Learn about how to contribute to caring for the planet with our sustainable practices. Happy and sustainable holidays to everyone!



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