CO2 Revolution helps to organize carbon neutral events


What are sustainable events?

When a company committed to the environment intends to make a sustainable event, it must take into account a series of factors in the organization of aspects such as transportation, facilities or activities carried out. Although there are different ways to reduce the environmental impact through modifications to the supply chain, it is very difficult to achieve absolute carbon neutrality by these means, so we recommend using the offset method. First of all, however, it is essential to calculate the carbon footprint of the event.

How to calculate the carbon footprint of an event? 

The carbon footprint of an event is an indicator used to describe the total impact that an organization has on the climate in relation to the Greenhouse Gas emissions released into the atmosphere, i.e. the amount of CO2 generated by the event. This calculation allows the company or institution to establish a starting point from which to structure improvements towards sustainability. At CO2 Revolution we make it easy for you. To know the footprint of your event you simply have to fill out this form for the quotation, completing some data about the event such as the number of attendees or the duration of the event. When quantifying this figure we have an expert in estimation and accounting protocols for GHG emissions such as ISO 14064 or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

How to make the event carbon neutral?

Once the footprint is calculated, it can be partially offset (if the event wants to start the process of boosting sustainability), fully offset (if you want to achieve carbon neutrality) or go further, offsetting more tons of CO2 than emitted (carbon positive /climate positive). To this end, CO2 Revolution offers the possibility of acquiring carbon credits, equivalent to tons of CO2 removed or avoided from the atmosphere, through carbon absorption projects such as reforestation of degraded or burned land.

How to communicate event offsetting?

We offer a proprietary seal that certifies the acquisition of tons to achieve carbon neutrality. This distinctive element can be placed on signage, videos and other aspects of the event to communicate to attendees that they are participating in an event committed to sustainability, thus enhancing the reputation of the organization and reinforcing its brand image.