CO2 Revolution on RTVE’s La 2

We're on TV! The La 2 program “El Señor de los Bosques” is interested in our revolutionary reforestation method

The Director of R&D at CO2 Revolution, Jaime Olaizola, showcased our unique seeding drone on “El Señor de los Bosques” on La 2 de RTVE. This entertainment and educational program, presented by César Palacios, aims to inform viewers about forest management and the resources forests can offer through walks that promote environmental commitment, nature, and sustainable cooking. The show features well-known personalities, as well as Spanish scientists, professionals, and experts discussing innovations and technological advances for environmental preservation.

In the second episode of its seventh season, CO2 Revolution was invited to discuss our revolutionary reforestation method based on iSeeds, our own smart seeds developed in the lab to achieve a high germination rate. The esteemed Doctor of Forest Engineering, Jaime Olaizola, who specializes in Applied Forest Biotechnology and has a long professional history in the field of mycology, explained how new technologies can accelerate the regeneration of vegetation and forest recovery after a fire.

“We use biological techniques to replicate what nature does naturally, and we use the drone to seed large areas from the air in just a few minutes,” says Olaizola. The smart seeds are combined with fungi that increase the survival and germination rates, allowing trees to grow and form forests, ultimately creating complete ecosystems that conserve biodiversity. This generated forest mass acts as a carbon sink, providing a dual environmental benefit by recovering degraded or burned lands and helping to limit the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of our reforestation method and see our drone in action, visit the RTVE Play website and watch the second episode of season 7 from minute 11:40 onwards.



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