Villanueva de Abajo B


Restoring a forest devastated by fire aims to reinstate the previous vegetation, recover the functionality of both soil and canopy, and have the capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change.

This forest repopulation project of 50.57 hectares is located in the municipality of Congosto de Valdavia, province of Palencia (Castilla y León).

The aim of this project is to achieve the forest restoration of a burned mass without the presence of natural regeneration, reinstating all ecosystem services.

The new forest mass will play a fundamental role in soil protection and water resource regulation, minimizing erosion and providing nutrients to the soil. Additionally, it will contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and offer shelter and food to wildlife. Therefore, this forest will contribute to the well-being of the local population and improve their quality of life.

Pinus nigra has been used for this project, a species with slow growth and adapted to the region’s climate. By using this species, it contributes to the conservation of the endemic “Mediterranean black pine Pinus nigra forests,” recognized as a priority habitat of interest.

  • Project certified by MITECO.
  • Code: 2022-b201.
  • Forest repopulation.
  • Burned forest.
  • Estimated absorption capacity: 5.073 TCO2.
  • Planted species: Native conifer.


Geographic situation
Palencia, Castilla y León
Actuation surface
50,57 Ha.
Year of execution
Number of trees planted
Tipo de certificación
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