Cortes de Pallás


Project for the restoration of a burned area through drone seeding and silvicultural treatments, contributing to the restoration of hydrological functions and soil protection.

CO2 Revolution has been chosen by Iberdrola to carry out this reforestation project on its property around the Cortes de Pallás reservoir. This area suffered a devastating fire in 2012 that destroyed thousands of hectares of Mediterranean forest.

This reforestation project presents a significant challenge, not only because it aims to reforest a large burned forest area and thereby restore various functions such as hydrological cycle regulation and soil protection, but also because it is located in a semi-arid zone within the Mediterranean basin, one of the regions most affected by the climate crisis.

The actions undertaken as part of this project include:

  • Forest repopulation
  • Drone seeding with iSEEDS
  • Silvicultural treatments in Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) stands with abundant post-fire regeneration

All the species proposed were chosen for their native status in the area, their ability to thrive in poor soils, their affinity for basic carbonate soils, and their adaptation to the xeric environment characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.

A multi-species mix of conifers and deciduous trees was used for the planting area, with Pinus halepensis (70%), Quercus ilex (15%), and Celtis australis (15%). For the seeding, native Pinus halepensis seeds were used, a species characteristic of Mediterranean ecosystems.



Geographic situation
Cortes de Pallás, Valencia
Actuation surface
1.975,01 Ha.
Year of execution
Number of trees planted
No information
Tipo de certificación
No information
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