We have created the 'Smart Seed' project in collaboration with Fundación Terra through the EcoTerra program, to reinvent reforestation in Honduras.

In partnership with Fundación Terra, through its environmental program EcoTerra, we have created the ‘Smart Seed’ project. This innovative initiative is aimed at reinventing the way reforestation is done in Honduras. Smart Seed proposes a unique reforestation model in the country by using cutting-edge technology, where biotechnology is applied to reforestation processes.

According to the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF), Honduras loses between 60,000 and 80,000 hectares of forest per year due to wildfires. As such, this project serves as a direct response to counteract the effects of climate change.

This project began with a pilot phase to test the development of smart seeds (iSeeds) from certain native forest species for their application and adaptation in the forests of Honduras. They are dispersed via drones with distributors for either moist or dry seeds, depending on the case. Subsequently, the second phase involves the field planting of the smart seeds, including experimental design, execution, and data collection from the target planting sites.

The initial project is reforesting 60 hectares in the central-southern area of Honduras with smart seeds of Pine, Oak, Sweetgum, and Macuelizo. These seeds have been launched over the central area of the country including Leonesa, El Hatillo, Carpinteros, and Comayagua, and in the southern area, San José de la Landa in Choluteca.

In 2024, in response to the climate emergency affecting the country, actions are being taken on an additional 20 hectares in Corralitos, Francisco Morazán (Honduras), by launching 500,000 seeds through our drone.



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