Carballedo III


The goal is to create a forest ecosystem capable of absorbing carbon dioxide, thereby combating global warming. This involves protecting the soil by creating a sustainable forest cover and restoring the biodiversity of the area along with habitats for wildlife.

Forest repopulation project of 24.09 hectares located in the Community of Montes Vecinales en Mano Común de Carballedo, in the Concello de Cerdedo‐Cotobade, Pontevedra (Galicia).

This repopulation project, in addition to ensuring the sustainable production of wood to meet industry demand and promoting rural development, will provide significant environmental benefits that will help counteract the effects of climate change. It will contribute to the formation of a forest mass in areas where natural regeneration has been unable to establish itself, will aid in soil stabilization, and will regulate the hydrological cycle. Additionally, it will allow the development, proliferation, and colonization of a wide variety of plant and animal species.

The main species used is Pinus pinaster ssp. atlantica, a native, fast-growing species adapted to the local climate.

  • Self-certified project.
  • Forest repopulation.
  • Restoration of a non-native forest.
  • Estimated absorption capacity: 24.443 TCO2.
  • Species planted: Pinus pinaster ssp. atlantica, Pseudotsuga menziesii y Salix atrocinerea.


Geographic situation
Pontevedra, Galicia
Actuation surface
35,45 Ha.
Year of execution
2023 - 2024
Number of trees planted
Tipo de certificación
No information
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