What is climate change?

According to United Nation definition, climate change is the global variation of the Earth’s climate caused by natural causes and human activity. As a result of these two factors, greenhouse gases are emitted.

The atmosphere is composed of different gases that, in the right proportion, fulfill their function. However, when human activities increase greenhouse gases, the atmosphere retains more heat than necessary and the average temperature of the planet rises, giving rise to what is known as global warming.

Consequences of climate change

The global increase in temperatures brings with it enormous consequences that endanger the flora, fauna and the survival of human beings. In the Spanish territory it has been observed:

  • The lengthening of summers.
  • The decrease in the average flow of rivers.
  • The expansion of the semi-arid climate causing an increase in fires.
  • An increase in heat waves.
  • Displacement of wild species and ecological imbalances.
  • Development of new diseases and increase in respiratory diseases.
  • Extreme weather phenomena (hurricanes, droughts, floods, snowfalls…) causing displacements, material damages, poverty…
  • Extinction of species and massive migrations.

Although it may be thought that climate change is only reflected in the environmental area, we should know that it has a great economic and social impact.


Fight against climate change

All measures aimed at combating global warming are a great opportunity to ensure sustainable development and boost economic growth.

The fight against climate change must be a priority for society. To this end, we must work on strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we must adapt to the new climate conditions, while building a more sustainable low-carbon production model. To this end, we must work on these five pillars:

  • Clean energy system
  • Urban development
  • Sustainable land use
  • Intelligent water management
  • Circular economy

If you want to contribute to a better future, join our revolution!