Two reforestation projects in the Saucats and Herre region, France, with the goal of creating forests that act as carbon sinks.

In our ongoing mission to mitigate climate change and restore ecosystems, we have carried out 2 reforestation projects in France.

These projects, located in the Saucats and Herre regions of France, have the specific goal of offsetting the carbon emissions generated by a renowned company during the preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games. Through these initiatives, we contribute to carbon sequestration and sustainable wood production, helping to balance the environmental impact of this global event.

Project 1: Restoration of a Stand in Gironda

This project focuses on restoring a 6.7-hectare area in Saucats (Gironda) devastated by a fire that destroyed a maritime pine stand. Reforestation has been carried out with the same species, Pinus pinaster, with the dual goal of carbon storage and wood production through a local cooperative less than 50 km from the site.

Project 2: Afforestation in Herre

This project covers a 9.4-hectare area in the Herre region and focuses on afforesting abandoned agricultural land following the retirement of the previous farmer. The initiative includes the planting of conifers with the purpose of wood production and carbon sequestration. Specifically, Pinus taeda has been planted at a density of 1,500 trees per hectare, along with deciduous trees like red oak and cork oak along the roadside.

These actions demonstrate our effort to offset the emissions generated in the preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, helping to ensure that this global event leaves a positive footprint on the environment.



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Saucats y Herre, Francia
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