Our solution

Our solution

An integral reforestation model

The CO2 Revolution model is an optimized and efficient process of “environmental medicine”. We have managed to develop a disruptive method that has a large-scale effect on the environment.

We analyze all the variables involved in the creation of ecosystems to do it in the most agile, sustainable and efficient way possible. What makes it possible? These are our keys.

Respect for the native species

It is part of our philosophy and it is what guarantees that the adaptability of the restored ecosystems to avoid creations that risks biodiversity or involve unnatural energy expenditure.


We are capable of reforesting any area, by adapting our ecosystems to most types of climate and accessing locations that were previously inaccessible, including projects in burned zones and semi-desert areas.

Scalable projects

We offer an adaptable model: from small ecosystems to areas of hundreds of hectares.

Big Data

Thanks to BIG DATA, we are able to analyze all the variables involved in the creation of new ecosystems and select through algorithms the most appropriate way to reconstruct them.

The software offers the most appropriate variables for the creation of ecosystems and facilitates their scalability.

Smart Seed: iSeed

The smart seed is key to the project because it is what guarantees germination on the land to be reforested.

They are composed by a biodegradable capsule that contains the pre-germinated seed along with all the elements it needs for its growth.


They are the facilitators in this low-cost integrated model. Self-created, thanks to their attached tanks and launching systems for up to 10,000 intelligent seeds, they are highly efficient and allow reforesting even areas that are difficult to access.

By means of an advanced software and navigation system, they autonomously select the most suitable planting pattern.

Official certification

We have a certification endorsed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. We also offer self-emitted certifications.

The certification works both for the consulting part of the carbon footprint calculation and in the offsetting part with participation in reforestation actions.