Project Description

Agreement with Banco Santander: 9,000 tons of CO2 offset

CO2 Revolution is a supplier for Banco Santander. They share values of social and climate justice, and so together they are embarking on a project of great environmental ambition to offset part of the Santander Group’s carbon footprint by 2020, a total of 9,000 tons. All of them with the official certification of MITECO (Ministry of Ecological Transition).

Reforestation is currently underway in Guadalajara (Spain), in the Alto Tajo Natural Park: a project that combines the most advanced technology with the most human and social work, to bring back to life the hectares devastated by the flames in 2012 in a long-term project that will be developed over the next 4 decades. The reforestation of around 150,000 trees and the compensation of more than 9,000 tons of CO2, the largest operation ever carried out in Spain, will be achieved.

Banco Santander, being a leader in the financing of renewable energies and clearly committed to offsetting its total carbon footprint, is committed to CO2 Revolution as a company that has broken paradigms in terms of reforestation and the fight against climate change, being a pioneer worldwide in the use of new technologies such as big data, intelligent seeds (iSeed) and the use of drones to reforest huge areas with greater efficiency and in very short times. Moreover, it has become the Spanish company with the largest amount of Carbon Credits.


Project Details