Project Description

Alsa Forest

Located in Congosto de Valdavia (Palencia), this initiative seeks to recover the great ecological value of the area after the great fire it suffered in 2020, which burned more than 100,000 trees. The reforestation of 58.9 hectares will be carried out, planting more than 92,240 trees with an estimated 81,989 tons of CO2 absorbed at Full Cycle.

The reforestation will be carried out with native species through manual means and with the technological support offered by CO2 Revolution, alternating traditional methods with avant-garde methods such as the use of Big Data, “smart seeds” or planting with drones.

Alsa has an initial reserve of 10,000 Tn, which will result in a surface area of 8 hectares and the planting of some 11,250 trees, which can be progressively expanded according to needs.

Offsetting the carbon footprint of your trip

By offsetting the carbon footprint of your ticket, you collaborate in Alsa’s reforestation and full-cycle carbon footprint offsetting projects in an amount equivalent to the emissions generated by your trip.

Alsa works to offset the Carbon Footprint in Spain

The use of the bus generates 5.5 less Greenhouse Gases than the private vehicle.
Alsa through its Environmental strategy policies, has reduced its emissions by 18.4% since 2015, having incorporated in the last 2 years 136 ECO or ZERO vehicles with more than 46 million investment and assuming commitments not to incorporate urban vehicles that are not ECO or ZERO as early as 2020
We now offer our customers the possibility of collaborating in the development of an ALSA Forest, for the compensation of the footprint they generate when traveling with us, contributing to the reforestation of areas of high ecological value and that have been subject to deforestation.

Project Details

  • Year2021
  • LocationCongosto de Valdivia (Palencia)
  • Hectares58
  • SpeciesEspino-majuelo, Endrino, Pino piñonero, Roble, Pino