Our solution

Data Analysis

We carry out a thorough analysis of all the variables involved in the creation of new ecosystems and use algorithms to select the most appropriate way to reconstruct them.

Smart seeds

The smart seed, called iSeed, which guarantees the effective germination of the land to be reforested, is the result of our biotechnological development.


Our self-developed drones allow us to efficiently reforest at low cost with launching systems of up to 100,000 seeds to reach areas that are difficult to access.

Public and private certificate

We have a certification endorsed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge and we also carry out certifications with our own model.

The CO2 Revolution model is an optimized and efficient process of “environmental medicine”. We have managed to develop a disruptive method that has a large-scale effect on the environment.

We analyze all the variables involved in the creation of ecosystems to do it in the most agile, sustainable and efficient way possible. What makes it possible? These are our keys.

Respect for native species

It is part of our philosophy and it is what guarantees that the restored ecosystems are adapted to the site and avoids creations that put biodiversity at risk or involve unnatural energy expenditure.

In any place

We are capable of reforesting any terrain, adapting to most types of climate and accessing previously inaccessible places, including projects in burned and semi-desert areas.

Scalable Projects

We offer an adaptable model: from small ecosystems to extensions of hundreds of hectares.