The Revolution



Our aim

CO2 Revolution creates complete and sustainable ecosystems. It is not simply a matter of making gridded tree plantations, but to include all the necessary elements, such as grass, flowers, shrubs and trees, so that a complete ecosystem can be generated.

In addition, we use species native to the area and perform the corresponding monitoring and maintenance tasks so that it can be self-sustainable in a minimum period of time.

The complete ecosystems are designed so that they are also productive for the regions where they are created, being also a way to fight hunger in disadvantaged regions of the planet.


Why CO2 Revolution

Desertification is advancing at a rate of 25,000,000 hectares per year. Sea level rise, droughts and fires are increasingly evident.

Whole ecosystems are the best carbon sinks in existence, but their deterioration together with the inefficiency and slowness in their creation makes the problem worse.

CO2 Revolution was created to offset the carbon footprint of the emissions currently released into the atmosphere by creating complete ecosystems through a novel R&D&I process, making them self-sustainable in a minimum period of time.


CO2 Revolution also offers the calculation and offsetting of the carbon footprint to companies and institutions with the certificate of the MITERD.



Our values

What moves us

Empathy, humanity and honesty, the keys to a business project with climate ambition and social justice.

In our purpose, biodiversity, biotechnology and the humanistic vision of “climate and social justice” play a leading role.

Biotechnology and artificial intelligence at the service of biodiversity to build a friendlier planet.

Demonstrating that it can be done differently.

Biodiversity promotes great alliances between entrepreneurs, multinationals and small municipalities. Together towards the construction of a better world