We take stock of significant data for 2022 and address new goals for this year

Experts agree that 2022 has been the year of records regarding climate change. Despite the negative figures, there has also been good news, which shows that there is a growing willingness on the part of companies, governments and organizations to reverse the emergency situation in which we find ourselves.


  • 2022 has been the worst year in terms of wildfires in the last three decades. More than 265,000 hectares have burned in our country (three times the average of recent years).
  • The hottest year in more than 100 years. This is a rise of almost 2 degrees above normal, with more than 40 heat waves.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions increased to 288.6 million tons. This is a growth of 5% in 2021 compared to 2020 and 14% in 2022.


  • Renewable energies hit an all-time high in generation. In addition, the price of electricity has fallen, which contributes to reducing GHG emissions.
  • Approval of a new royal decree on water protection. The aim is to protect water resources from pollution caused by nitrates from agriculture and livestock farming.
  • The Green and Fair Economic Recovery is moving forward. Ninety-five percent of these green transition investments contribute to it in a positive way.

Based on the balance of this year, our goals for 2023 are to continue the fight to mitigate climate change and avoid its catastrophic consequences. Firstly, we foresee continued growth in reforestation projects, both in terms of hectares and geographical expansion of the territories. We aim to plant more than 2 million trees of different species that generate biodiversity to protect nature. Our mission is to act either on land degraded as a result of climate change or on land devastated by recent fires. Our projects will contribute to the regeneration of the vegetation cover of those places that need it, but will also be an environmental benefit for the atmosphere. Our forests form carbon sinks that absorb CO2 and reduce the presence of greenhouse gases.

Help us achieve all this and join our revolution.