Code of ethics and conduct

Code of ethics and conduct

Defines precisely the mission, vision, values and ethical principles that regulate our development.

The Board of Directors wants to provide CO2 REVOLUTION with a Code of Ethics and Conduct that arises, like the seeds that inspired us in the Monastery of La Oliva, to become a lush body of internal regulations, mandatory and that precisely defines the mission, vision, values and ethical principles that will regulate the development of the company from these initial moments.

It may seem premature for a company in its infancy to equip itself with a legal and binding instrument, but we believe it is essential to build the corporate edifice on firm ethical foundations that will allow us to stand out in the market for our firm ethical, social and legal commitment.

CO2 REVOLUTION was created with the fundamental mission to leave a better world, to give society good fruits and to make them last; to give back to God and society the talents that were given to us by turning the company into a reference model, combining its attitude and the durability of its fruits with a cutting-edge, effective and prosperous business model.


All actions, internal and external activities, derived from the company’s day-to-day activities and the fulfillment of its corporate goals and objectives will be carried out in a sober and austere manner, considering that superfluous and sumptuary expenses are not part of the company’s commercial policy or its corporate image.


The management team, employees and external collaborators of CO2 REVOLUTION must maintain at all times an attitude of dedication and personal and ethical involvement in achieving the objectives of the company, always taking the initiative to try to exceed expectations and trying to transform needs and problems into opportunities, because with effort and personal involvement things happen.


Among the management team, employees, collaborators, etc., we will promote the attitude and ability to always put ourselves in the other’s place in a respectful way, being aware of the diverse capabilities and talents of each one, promoting respect for the opinions of others and respect for diversity in all its areas.

Mutual Aid

All people who interact with CO2 REVOLUTION should encourage mutual help, being aware that competition in the workplace should not go beyond certain ethical and deontological limits.


CO2 REVOLUTION was born with the aspiration of making a more sustainable and respectful world with the means offered by nature, therefore the company aspires that all its internal and external activities, its goals and objectives are achieved by optimizing to the maximum the resources at its disposal, using them in a responsible and appropriate way.

Honesty and respect

CO2 REVOLUTION must stand out in the market and in the activity in which it develops its activities by an honest and upright behavior, deserving the trust of our collaborators, customers and suppliers as partners of reference and long term.

Preservation of the environment

Being the protection, respect and care of the environment the basic pillar of CO2 REVOLUTION’s performance, our performance is manifested in compliance with the highest standards of our industry in this matter. CO2 REVOLUTION is committed to act at all times in accordance with criteria of respect and sustainability, adopting habits and behaviors consistent with good environmental practices.

Commitment to society

The leadership of CO2 REVOLUTION and its presence in the market must be comprehensive, business and financial, but also social, for them we formally assume the ethical commitment to care about what surrounds us, that is, a complex society in which social demands overflow conventional concepts and are manifested in very different contexts. The ultimate goal is that CO2 REVOLUTION contributes to create a society with more opportunities, more fairness and solidarity.

Corporate image and reputation

The company’s partners consider CO2 REVOLUTION’s corporate image and reputation as one of the most valuable assets to preserve the trust of the stakeholders affected by our activity, therefore the Board of Directors pays the utmost attention to safeguard CO2 REVOLUTION’s image and reputation in all its professional and business activities. The Board of Directors, in accordance with the values and mission of CO2 REVOLUTION, acts with the utmost diligence and responsibility when using social networks, discussion forums or websites that present any association or make any kind of reference to CO2 REVOLUTION, trying that the Company is not exposed to legal or reputational risks, and that the safety and protection of employees, customers and the general public is not compromised.

Compliance with the law

CO2 REVOLUTION strictly complies with the laws in force in the countries where it develops or will develop its activity, observing an ethical behavior in all its actions. In its internal or external actions CO2 REVOLUTION does not collaborate with third parties in the violation of any law, nor do we participate in any action that compromises respect for the principle of legality, developing our activity in accordance with the applicable legislation on antitrust and unfair competition, developing only strictly legal and ethical practices. CO2 REVOLUTION complies with the rules on prevention of money laundering and the instructions issued in application of these and is committed to handle personal information in a responsible manner and in compliance with data protection and confidentiality legislation applicable in each country. Financial information is prepared in a full, clear and accurate manner, using appropriate accounting records.

Relations with partners and investors

CO2 REVOLUTION’s main purpose and objective in this area is to create value in a continuous and sustained manner for its partners and investors, making permanently available to them communication and consultation channels that allow them to have adequate, useful and complete information on the evolution of the Company, within the framework of the principle of equal treatment of partners and investors who are in identical conditions.

Customer relations

CO2 REVOLUTION relates to its customers in a lawful, ethical and respectful manner, whether they are public or private entities. In particular, it complies with the laws and regulations applicable in relations with these groups in the conclusion of contracts and commercial transactions.

Relations with suppliers and partners

CO2 REVOLUTION selects suppliers and partners based on criteria of independence, objectivity and transparency, reconciling the company’s interest in obtaining the best conditions, with the convenience of maintaining stable relationships with ethical and responsible agents. We observe in all cases the administrative rules on procurement, and we refrain from any action that could constitute an act of corruption of any kind, in the public or private sectors, and / or influence peddling. We cannot, directly or indirectly, accept gifts, promotions, meals, or any kind of hospitality or invitations from suppliers or partners, except those of publicly acceptable nominal value, which if they were known by third parties, would not cause a compromising situation for CO2 REVOLUTION. In CO2 REVOLUTION we expect our suppliers and partners to observe the following principles: respect applicable laws; not to offer their influence, real or alleged, to persuade a third party in the public or private sphere to act, directly or indirectly, in violation of their duties; operate as a socially responsible employer and provide a safe working environment; use sustainable practices that respect the environment; respect the Code of Ethics and Conduct of CO2 REVOLUTION.

Relations with Authorities, Public Administrations and Regulatory Bodies

CO2 REVOLUTION acts under the principles of legality, cooperation, truthfulness and transparency in its relations with authorities, public administrations and regulatory bodies in those countries where we operate.

Relations with competitors

CO2 REVOLUTION competes actively in the market in which it operates in an ethical and loyal manner, paying special attention to the rules of competition, promoting and encouraging free competition for the benefit of its customers, consumers and users. It does not engage in misleading or denigrating advertising and obtains information on competition in an ethical manner and in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

Unanimously approved by the Board of Directors. Mélida (Navarra), November 23, 2020.