The Smart Green Movement, an initiative led by LG Spain, has resumed today its goal of planting 3 million trees in the forests of Spain with a reforestation in the Sierra de Gata in Extremadura and adding new allies to the project: The Regional Government of Extremadura, ALSA, Ackerman International, Civitas, Exevi, Merlin Properties, Narval, Patrocina un Deportista and Phi4tech.

This action was presented this morning in Villanueva de la Sierra (Cáceres) in an institutional event attended by the President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, the General Director of Forestry Policy, Pedro Muñoz Barco, the Mayor of Villanueva de la Sierra, Felipe Calvo, as well as the President & CEO of LG Spain, Jaime de Jaraíz, and the CEOs and Directors of the collaborating companies.

In total, thanks to the support of the new partners added to the Smart Green Movement, 50 hectares of the areas affected by forest fires in the Sierra de Gata in recent years will be reforested to restore the biodiversity lost in this natural environment. To achieve this, the companies have joined science and technology, using drones, smart seeds, LG smartphones and LG Gram laptops, thus achieving an effectiveness in planting up to 80% higher than traditional methods. The project, framed within LG’s Smart Green program and executed entirely by CO2 Revolution, will begin the first planting phases in October, the most optimal time for planting native species, after months of work and more than a year of research.

The data collected through the LG smarpthone, which is mounted on the drone during the reconnaissance phase, and from the drone’s own sensors, are analyzed by the engineers on the PC to detect variables such as temperature, rainfall, soil types, and native species, among others. These in turn are analyzed with data on local population requirements and soil legislation to extract an optimal planting pattern and ensure that each seed reaches the exact point defined in the analysis.

This ensures an efficiency up to 80% higher than traditional planting. In order to reduce this 20% margin of error to a minimum, technological reforestation will be complemented with manual reforestation in the most demanding areas with a lower probability of success.

Smart Green 2020 Movement

In the fight against climate change, reforestation is an essential action that contributes to the absorption of excess CO2 in the atmosphere, thus reducing the effect of global warming and regenerating the habitat of a great diversity of animal species. With this objective in mind, LG has launched the Smart Green 2020 Movement to reforest 3 million trees in forests in Extremadura, Palencia and Murcia thanks to the collaboration of companies and public administrations.

“Our Smart Green Movement is a call to everyone, individuals, institutions and above all companies, to act for the benefit of the planet; and it is also a demonstration that we can achieve great results in a short time if we join forces. Thanks to CO2 Revolution and its scientific and field work, to LG’s technology and the collaboration of the Regional Government of Extremadura and these seven companies, today we can say that Villanueva de la Sierra and its surroundings will recover part of the trees that the fire took away from them”, said Jaime de Jaraíz, President and CEO of LG Electronics in Spain.

“It is a project that aims to put new technologies at the service of nature, to achieve much greater results than those achieved with traditional methods. That is the essence of the union of LG and CO2 Revolution,” says Juan Carlos Sesma, Founder of CO2 Revolution.

“At EXEVI, our children are the reason we joined The Great Green Business Pact. Today’s children will be in charge of taking care of the Planet tomorrow, so it is very important to teach them from an early age that we must take care of it and respect it. And what better way to do this than by setting an example. Their future is in our hands today”, explains Manuel Monterrubio, Exevi’s General Manager.

“Es un proyecto que pretende poner las nuevas tecnologías al servicio de la naturaleza, para conseguir resultados mucho mayores que los logrados con los métodos tradicionales. Esa es la esencia de la unión de LG y CO2 Revolution”, afirma Juan Carlos Sesma, fundador de CO2 Revolution.

“En EXEVI, nuestros hijos son la razón por la que nos unimos al Gran Pacto Empresarial Verde. Los niños de hoy serán los encargados de cuidar el Planeta el día de mañana, por lo que es muy importante enseñarles desde pequeños que debemos cuidarlo y respetarlo. Y qué mejor manera de hacerlo que dando ejemplo. Su futuro está hoy en nuestras manos”, explica Manuel Monterrubio, director general de Exevi.

“Civitas Pacensis is a developer from Extremadura with a national vocation, committed to implement a new model of urban planning according to the cities of the XXI Century, which truly manages to transform and improve the lives of people, creating cities made on a human scale, with spaces where you can live, work, study and enjoy. In this sense, for us it is a privilege to be part of the Smart Green movement, hand in hand with LG, since we believe in the same values, as a necessary and essential bet to contribute to improve our quality of life in the future” said Alejandro Ayala, President of Phi4tech.

For Marta Sánchez López-Lago, administrator of the family company NARVAL, “This is a great opportunity to give back part of our effort to our origin, to our land. The trees planted as a result of this initiative are linked to our origins in Extremadura, and are the best example that family businesses like ours not only grow organically, but also maintain their ties to their roots. These trees will be the best symbol of all this.”

“Sport is increasingly linked to environmental sustainability through water and mountain sports and that is why we believe that an initiative like LG’s Smart Green Movement requires the participation of all types of companies for the good of our Planet,” explains Julian Casa, CEO of Sponsor an Athlete.

LG Spain and its commitment to the environment

Since its inception, LG has incorporated energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection into its corporate and business strategy. Thus, it is one of the companies with the greatest global investment in Green R&D, has multiplied the efficiency of its production process exponentially, and launches products that save more water and CO2 emissions than any competitor (in Spain alone, 55,000 tons of CO2 per year). In addition, it is driving the sustainable construction and mobility sectors, as it is already one of the main manufacturers of batteries, systems and components for electric cars, and a driving force in the self-sufficient housing model through solar energy.

With the Smart Green Movement, LG Electronics seeks not only to raise awareness, but also to call individuals, institutions and companies to action for the benefit of the planet, convinced that technology and science can contribute enormously to mitigating the effects of man’s hand on the environment. The ultimate goal of the Korean company is to plant 47 million trees in Spain each year, one per inhabitant, to absorb as many CO2 emissions as possible and improve air quality in our country. Citizens as well as public and private entities can join through to make this dream come true.